My thoughts on my own randomness and unpredictability in my writing.

Life is not always simple and straight forward… a thinking person who enjoys a good laugh may not always want to talk about the light and easy- sometimes shit gets real, heavy and deep! and there’s nothing wrong that.

In my own personal life, on any given day, I could go from having a funny chat to a friend to giving a child a full on and deep meaningful educational lecture about world issues… then back to having laugh. Yes life is complicated and we can’t always be rays of sunshine or butterflies and sarcasm… there does need to be a balance between the heavy and the light.

I enjoy sharing a good laugh with my children and at times I have been known to educate them using unconventional methods- in short they think I am weird! But I also have an extremely serious side that understands the complexities of life and I don’t always educate them using humour.

I love writing the type of blog entries that make my readers have a good laugh and it feels good when you learn that you have brightened someone’s day… but on occasion I will write about the more serious and harder for people to digest type of topics and I write those more for my own peace of mind- it helps me to get even my more stronger thoughts and feelings out there… god it feels good to vent! I also love having my core beliefs challenged as I see it as a chance to grow and learn from others.

I love when I read articles that get me thinking about the deep and heavy stuff… when others thoughts and experiences challenge my own perspective and perceptions… personal growth only happens when we accept the challenge of taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and dare to experience the different and unknown.

A good friend told me that my blog appears to be ‘messy’ skipping from one topic to another without warning or any apparent reason- well welcome to how my brain operates lol

I love randomness and chaos … but I also like stability and predictability… I have come to realise that finding a balance between the two is my journey- having a laugh or a good cry along the way means I’m learning and living.

Life is full of different topics and as a student of life I wish to learn about them all… and now as an amateur writer expect to see the unexpected from me from time to time as I write what ever springs to my mind… funny or serious.

So far I have published a few of my funny stories, but I have another more lengthy and serious story in the works… not every story can be told using humour… and I have found from my own experiences that it is those hard to swallow reads that I have learned from the most.

So here is to all the people who celebrate their own randomness and spectrum of thoughts in their writings – please keep sharing them because you never really know how many people are learning from you xx


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